So I got my June beauty box from She Said Beauty and let me just say....omg I was SO happy with this one!!! 

Let's just start off with this, the Ginvera bb cream in nude coverage. When I first got this I wasn't expecting miracles because I like to stick to foundation, I like a lot of coverage. I was also expecting this to be stupidly dark because I am so pale, but I have to admit, it is THE single BEST product I have EVER used. I actually left the house without foundation, my skin looked PERFECT. I am definitely going to be purchasing this in the near future and replacing my foundation for it! 

I actually really liked this perfume, and it's only a tenner! Get on it!

So I didn't really like this product because I didn't like the smell, BUT I gave it to my mum and she adored it.

I am very happy with this little gem. Mischa Barton lemon zest body butter, this is a full product and smells beautiful, it's a small size aswell but you only need a little bit of product, great for taking away with you!

This is a St Tropez FULL SIZE, perfect legs bronzing spray. Now considering I am very pale, I don't normally use tanning products, but this was amazing, I love it and would definitely re purchase!

I got these lashes in my GlossyBox already so wasn't too happy, but a girl can never have too many eyelashes!!

Tash x