This week, I had a bit of an issue. The superdrug that I work in is having a major store refit and we are losing tons of the make up, UM WHAT?! So naturally I picked up a few things from the stands we are losing, and I am so glad I did. 

The first thing I got was a BB cream by Sleek, and I have to say that this is the singular BEST BB cream I have ever tried. I like a lot of coverage and this BB cream probably gives the best coverage out of them all. I decided to give it a go after Lydia from cut throat beauty gave me a sample of hers to test. This colour is very pale (just what I needed) and seems to give me a flawless finish ones paired with my famous powder. (I'm getting to that in a minute). Overall, I would say that this gives me a similar effect to my M.A.C studio fix foundation, similar I said, not exact, so I won't be getting rid of my M.A.C anytime soon.
A new offer that we have on is that ALL Maybelliene is 2 for £10. Even the new Colossal smokey eye mascara. I therefore picked up the new mascara and a colour tattoo in shade 'on the go bronze'. I must admit, I LOVE the colour tattoo in this shade, and I think that it is a perfect match to my eye colour. However I am a bit disappointed with this mascara, I was expecting it to have an extra oomph, something a bit different, but when I used it, I found that it was basically exactly the same as my other original Colossal.
The 2 nail polishes on the left are by Accessorize, which we are sadly losing and I am totally and utterly gutted. Accessorize make up is such a stunning brand, everything looks so vintage and pretty, and to top it off, it's really good make up!! I picked up the colour romance (on the left) and molten copper (on the right) How beautiful is molten copper?! I can't wait to use it. 
Now, from Famous I have a No shine face powder in shade 'mmm bop' and a blusher in shade 'scandal'. I am totally in love with this powder, it is honestly the best powder I have ever used, and I have used A LOT. It is also the only one I have ever hit pan on. So when I found out we were losing it, I naturally stocked up...I now have 3...oops. This blusher is also fantastic, it is extremely pigmented and such a beautiful colour. The tiniest bit covers my whole cheek, so i'm pretty happy by this purchase!!
Swatches of 'Scandal' and 'on the go bronze'.

I've also re ombred my hair with my extensions back in...maybe i'll show you in the next few days!!

Ciao Bella,
Tash x

Thought i'd jump on the bandwagon and let y'all know how much my face is worth, my work face that is, it seems to range depending on how lazy I am, and what kind of style i'm going for. I say work face because this is the face that I went for at work today, whereas normally I can range from full out there make up to practically nothing. Here 'goes...

This is my face I'm going to add up for you:

Moisturiser - Garnier pure - £4.10
Primer - 17 photo flawless - £4.99
Foundation - M.A.C studio fix £21.50
Concealer - Rimmel stay matte - £4.99
Under eye concealer - Famous - £4.99
Powder - Famous No shine powder- £4.99 
Contouring - Sleek contour kit (I think it was £8.99)
Blusher - Famous in the shade 'Scarlett' - £4.99
Lip liner - Elite in the shade nude (got in the clearance for 99p) 
Lipstick - MUA in the shade bare (shade 14) - £1
= £61.53

That's actually pretty cheap I think compared to my other make up, but I guess for work I don't need to spend too much. This just shows me how much make up I actually wear, oops! 

I'd love to see everyone elses!! I tag you all!!!

Tash x

Introducing Lady Gaga Fame. The first ever black liquid fragrance, where the liquid is actually black but turns transparent when airborne!!

The Bottle:
The bottle is typical of Lady Gaga, the claw shaped lid on the top looks more like a weapon than a lid to a fragrance, however I think although the black and gold looks very vampy, it also looks quite classy when you compare it to the likes of Justin Bieber, Britney etc.

"Black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airbourne"
General Info:
The fragrance comes in 30ml for £23.99, or 50ml for £29.99, so you might aswell pay £6 for the extra 20ml. It is Eau de Parfum which means it is a strong fragrance. 

The Smell:
"Tears of Belladonna, crushed heart of Tiger Orchidea, with a black veil of incense. Pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops."
This is the statement on the box, that could have only been written by the Lady herself. 
The scent is built around 3 main accords, these are 'dark, sensual and light.' 
The romans in the 18th century used Belladonna as a poison, so when I first heard of this fragrance I thought um WHAT, every aspect of Belladonna is poisonous, maybe she's trying to kill us, but clearly not as i'm not dead yet.

The fragrance is classed as fruity and floral, however I think it has more of a sweet smell than floral. I think it's sweet, but not TOO sweet. I don't think it's typical of Gaga though, I was expecting it to be very musky and manly, but I infact LOVE it.

Weird fact: The perfume makes the skin feel very moisturised after, I wonder if this is to do with the black liquid as no other fragrance does this to me?

My only downside: The fragrance doesn't last long on the skin, on me anyways, this may be different on other people.

I just love it!!!! Let me know what you think!

Tash x
I went to Boots and felt almost ashamed of myself for bringing custom to the enemy twice in the same week. (I work in Superdrug). However sometimes it's just near enough impossible to not pop in and see what offers they have when they're only next here's what I got:

Blusher - 17 in shade 'China Pink', A primer (Also by 17) and this free 'Get bronzed kit' (Bronzing kit free when spending over £5.99 on 17)

I only really bought this for the bronzing kit to be honest, i'm a sucker for a free gift! But i'm actually in awe at how amazing this primer and blush is!
This is what I got in the kit:

Eyeshadow in shade 'statuesque'. I am in LOVE with this eyeshadow, it's a very pinky based brown with a silver shimmer, works perfectly with my skin tone and dark eyes!! I will be using this a lot!
Cream blush in shade 'Bronzed'. I'm not sure how much i'll use this as i'm a bit too pale for bronzers to work properly, and i'm not keen on cream consistency blushes.
And last but not least, a Lip Gloss in shade 'In the nude'. I think the name lies a bit here, as it comes out exactly the same colour as it looks on the tube, which to me is a pinky brown, not a nude, but hey ho, I love it!

Maybe I will do a look using these at some point in the future?
Tash x

Renewing Moroccan Argan oil from Boots - £6.99

Today I went into Boots after work to see what offers they had compared to Superdrug, and I found this beauty. I've been dabbling in the idea of Argan/Moroccan oil for a while but I wasn't really convinced by the Tresemme and L'oreal versions, and was too stingy to buy pure. So as you can imagine, when I saw this, I jumped and bought it without a second thought, until I got home and panicked it was going to be rubbish, but oh my god I was completely wrong. I used this and my hair has never felt better, baring in mind I wear extensions as well, this was a pure god send!! I will now NEVER be without this.

Here is a code to get you a free graze box on - L1C29FP

Tash x

I went into my local Poundland recently, I never normally shop for much in there but I had some time to kill so thought I'd rummage around for a bit. I am so glad I did!! I found these 3 fantastic Revlon lip glosses, or "lip glides" as they like to call them, for a pound, of course. I did also find other rimmel, collection 2000, and even some Stila powder puffs.

Revlon left to right:

Shade 17 - Patent leather pink
Shade 09 - Grazed Almond
Shade 55 - Peachy sheen

The other 2 lip butters are by Gosh, and I got them in the Superdrug clearance section for £3 each. These are just as good as the Revlon lip butters and are a lot more pigmented than you'd think!

Swatches Top L to R - peachy sheen, patent leather pink, and grazed almond.
The bottom is a swatch of the Gosh in 30 - Barbie, and above it is shade 32 - Angel.

Also, a weird comment, but the lip butters by Gosh smell amazing!!!!


Ok, it was my birthday so I was allowed to buy myself a present. So I got these shoes. Now, do these look like the same pair of shoes to you?! Do they?! Yes they do, but they are in fact most definitely not the same. The pair on the left are from daisystreetshoes for £33, and the pair on the right are Topshop allegra's and are around the £70 mark. I thought i'd give daisy street shoes a go and I am ridiculously impressed. I'd say if you're a larger size in your shoe, go up a size, for example if you're large size 6 go for a 7, if you're a small - normall 6 these would be perfectly fine. They are so comfy and don't even feel like you're wearing heels, so go get em!

Tash x

So this is me, I thought I better introduce myself officially. The one thing people said about this photo is that I have perfect eyebrows. Now, i've had this compliment before, and even though I heard it before, I still thought it was weird, until I started to think about all the horrendously awful eyebrows I see every day, I then realised mine are pretty rad, top tip, use eyeshadow to fill your eyebrows, not pencil. Eyeshadow is a lot less harsh and so easy to find a perfect shade to match your hair/eyes/skin tone.

I found this beauty not so long ago (maybe a week?!) It's the new Famous brow kit. This, has made my make up routine so much more compact, it's so easy to use and they even give you tweezers to make your eyebrows extra perfect. It comes with a beige shade, to go under the brow to give it more definition, a blonde and a brunette. The brunette is perfect for me and I use it every day! It also comes with brow gel down the centre and a double ended slanted brush. I think it was around the £6 mark? Definitely worth buying!!!

That's all for now,

Ciao Bella!!




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So this is me, I thought I better introduce myself officially. The one thing people said about this photo is that I have perfect eyebro...