Hey guys!! So this is basically just a bit of a chatty/ranty post! I'm basically going to just let everyone know EVERYTHING I possibly can about my Benefit Cosmetics Audition/interviewas when I went to mine I really couldn't find all that much about it except a few horror stories! So let's get started:

What is an "audition" exactly?

Ok so basically an audition is Benefit terms for a practical interview. The first thing that you all should know is that Benefit don't actually do interviews when a job is available. They do interviews with people thats cv's make them sound confident and bubbly, regardless of whether there is a job available or not. If you make it through you will then get put on a list and they will call you when a job becomes available.

What did I wear?

For my interview they told me to wear all black, trousers and any plain black top and any colour comfortable shoes. So I did exactly that and wore black trousers, and a long sleeved, tight black v neck top and some black studded pumps. I would suggest you wear a top that isn't going to flap about/get caught etc as you will be doing peoples make up. I would also suggest definitely sticking to the comfy shoes rule as you're on your feet for 4 hours with no break.
I had my hair down and straight, nothing too fancy and I had my make up done very neutral with smokey brown eyes.

The process:

So when you arrive you will be taken into a training room, where you will do some role playing on how to approach customers. This is pretty serious and you should really listen to what they have to say.

You will then be shown how to use certain products, and will practice on other interviewees on the technique of how to do the make up "the benefit way". My products included, its potent eye cream, porefessional primer, you rebel and you rebel lite tinted moisturiser, benetint, sun beam, high beam, and they're real mascara. Each product has key ingredients you need to remember and tell the customer. If you mess up a bit it doesn't matter, just don't freak out and carry on as normal.

You will then go out on to the shop floor and traffic stop customers and get them to take a seat while you apply make up on them, remember, the ladies are watching and you have to do it the Benefit way!

The interviewer will then watch how well you're doing within the next 4 hours. If you hate it you can ask to leave as the company completely understands it's not for everyone, and likewise if they don't think you're doing too well then they will ask you to leave to save you the effort.

After the 4 hours is up they will take you to a personal interview if you are successful.

Overall I really did enjoy it and I was really gutted that I didn't get the job. But for now I got a job working for Topshop, perfect for me as my favourite shop is Topshop and I love fashion just as much as make up!! So for now we'll leave make up to the blog and apply again in the future.

I will be posting up a lot more fashion related stuff in the near future as well as beauty, so keep the eyes peeled!!!

Any questions about my audition, feel free to email me!
Tash x                                            

I'm going to be moving up to Plymouth and working for Topshop!!!! I promise I will work more on my blog when i'm there! :)


by on November 05, 2012
I'm going to be moving up to Plymouth and working for Topshop!!!! I promise I will work more on my blog when i'm there! :)