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So this post is all about what I use when I shower and after i've showered. I change what I use all the time, and some of my favourite shower gels and smelly stuff are from Soap and Glory, but at the moment, these are my favourites.

Toni&Guy shampoo and conditioner for fine hair: 
This shampoo and conditioner is simply the best if your hair is like mine. (So thin it is practically non existent) It is a life saver, smells amazing, and the conditioner leaves my hair so nourished!! I think they are around the £7-8 mark each, however it is on 3 for 2 in Boots so I also grabbed myself the firm hairspray. Now I know this is technically not a "shower favourite" but it was part of the offer and it is AMAZING, so I thought I better throw it in.

Lee Stafford Low FAT cashmere cushion blow dry jelly and "I hate my hair the day it's washed" solution spray: Well that's a mouthful in itself. Right? The blow dry jelly is amazing for thin hair. Now i've used a lot of "thickening" products and this has to be one of my favourite. It really does make my hair a bit thicker and gives it more volume. This used with the solution spray stops any frizz and gives me super sleek volumised hair. I love it!

Palmers Cocoa Butter: Smelling of cocoa butter is amazing in itself but this lotion is really thick and really moisturises dry skin. It makes my skin super soft. It's a little bit sticky until it dries but the smell it leaves makes me turn a blind eye to the slightly sticky formula.

Last but not least, the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and skin tonic: This super refreshing cleanser and toner makes me feel relaxed and fresh after a shower, as well as being fantastic at getting rid of all traces of make up. Check out my last post for a full review on these two products.

And that's it at the moment for my shower favourites!
Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know of anything you've tried that's worth a go!

Tash x

Shower favourites

by on April 18, 2013
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A few days ago I decided that it was time to rekindle my love for the Liz Earle skincare range. I stopped using it purely because of the price and because I went a few months without a job and was really struggling for money, so all my spare money went on finding a job! However, I took a look on the website and decided to get a 50ml bottle of the Cleanse and Polish. I chose 50ml because I thought 30ml wouldn't last me very long but I also didn't want to by the full size bottle incase my skin had changed since I last used it. So, I bought the 50ml starter kit which comes with a muslin cloth in a cute little bag, and I also bought a 50ml skin tonic (toner). Now what I love about this company is that they put every effort in to keep their customers happy. With every order you get a complimentary gift, which in my case was another muslin cloth and a 30ml cleanse and polish!!! Perfect for travelling! I was extremely pleased with this as it meant I was getting 80ml of the product and only really paying for 50ml! They also said it was going to be 3-5 working days, however when I got my confirmation or delivery email, it was here within 2 days.

Bottom left: Skin tonic 50ml - £5.50. Middle: Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser 50ml starter kit - £9.25. Right: Free 30ml cleanse and polish and muslin cloth. Underneath: Free small bag.

Now on to what I actually thought of the products. I'm completely in love!! I have no idea as to why I was so worried it might not work with my skin anymore! This range is fantastic and I thank this for my ultra soft skin and lack of spots.

The cleanse: This cleanser is used in a different way to most cleansers. You put it on dry skin all over your face and really rub it in if you have a lot of make up on. You can put as much or as little as you want on. You then soak the muslin cloth in hot water and ring it out and rub off the cleanser with the cloth. Doing this in circular motions will exfoliate very gently and also bring the blood to the surface of the skin, very slightly plumping the surface to give you a radiant glow. This just generally makes you feel super refreshed as well, but doesn't strip your skin of your natural oils etc.
I use a make up wipe to get rid of the majority of the make up first and then use this to keep my muslin cloths clean! Also always wash them after, otherwise bacteria will stick to them!

The tone: The skin tonic is lovely. It doesn't sting, and it doesn't dry out or dramatically tighten your skin like other toners. I find that is creates a smooth base for moisturiser and tightens my pores within tightening the surrounding skin. This is perfect for a freshen up on a day where you aren't wearing any make up too!

I hope this review helps any of you thinking of trying it out. If you are still a bit worried, why not try the 30ml starter kit? It's cheap and is enough product to give your skin a fair run!
Let me know if you love this as much as I do!
Tash xx

So today my lovely boyfriend bought me a can of diet coke. Not just any can, the last Marc Jacobs one they had in store. He's so damn cute <3 So anyways, I didn't even know they were running a competition, but they are. It is to win a limited edition Marc Jacobs tote bag in association with diet coke, and it looks like this:

Kinda cute don't ya think? Well all you need to do to win is buy a can of coke and send a text with the code under your ring pull to the number on the can. I just won myself this beauty and I think you should all enter too. I never win anything so i'm pretty over the moon! Let me know if you do it and you win! 
Good luck!

Tash x

Today I bought myself a couple of things. I re purchased the M.A.C studio fix foundation because I seriously think it is THE best foundation for my skin. I've never had any problems with it except maybe that it rubs off on my phone, but hey ho I can't have everything!! I also purchased these super cute Cath Kidson style pyjama bottoms from Primark, only £6 and super comfy! 

I also noticed with my last M.A.C foundation, that even when I thought I'd finished the bottle, I really hadn't!! Due to it being glass and a 'stay put' foundation it set along the sides off the bottle and the pump doesn't quite reach far enough to get the last of it out. Cheeky buggers aye! So with any bottle like this where you find it hard to get the last bits out, I just stick a sponge eyeshadow applicator down the bottle and scoop it out! The sponge means that it will pick up a lot of product, and I think i may have got another 2 or 3 uses out of it doing this!!

Tash x

Happy Easter to me...

by on April 01, 2013
Today I bought myself a couple of things. I re purchased the M.A.C studio fix foundation because I seriously think it is THE best foundatio...