Hey guys! Today is just a quick post to let you know about some of the awesome discounts and things that are around at the moment!

Of course you all probably know that Topshop have now gone into their mid season sale, and new lines have been added, so get in there while you can ladies, there's some cheapo pieces in there!! You can also get student discount off sale items too!!

Second off is Asos have also gone into sale, 50% off most things and there's some beauties in there!!

Thirdly, H&M customers online will receive 25% off their highest priced item in their bag on their first order when they sign up to the newsletter, and here is a code for £5 off that can also be used in conjunction with the 25%! - 1304

And last but DEFINITELY not least is my favourite, xtras.co.uk are giving all customers 15% off THIS WEEK ONLY, so get in their quick!!! Their website is super cheap anyway so you're bound to get some good bargains! If you don't know what xtras online is, check out my recent blog post on it here! The code is - PAYDAY15

If you hear of any other great offers or discount codes let me know! I'm a sucker for an offer!

Ciao Bella 

Now, is it only me that thinks the sales have been a bit rubbish this year? Like, not quite up to standard with the last few summer sales there has been? I don't know, maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just the stores where I live or something like that, but here's my top 3 picks out of all the sales I've seen online, and I have to say, H&M really has been the best, for bargains as well as top products!

1. This bag from H&M, £17. 2. This Jumper from H&M, £6. 3. This Cami from ASOS, £13. 
I've based my "favourites" around price, whether I can wear it in winter as well as summer, and also the quality. I think that this bag looks like a fairly decent size and shape as an everyday bag for me. I think it is classy with the 2 tone, monochrome look, and I also think that the price is amazing, I love H&M bags and I was looking at purchasing this before it even went in the sale!

The top from H&M is of course a jumper, and I know some people think it's silly buying jumpers when it's summer, but have you seen the weather in Britain?! I don't know whether i'm coming or going, and I have no idea when it's going to start raining either! Plus I think this will still look amazing come winter, and the quality looks really good for the price. I can imagine this with a pair of leather leggings, or maybe a black skater skirt with some black tights and chunky boots!

The Cami is very basic, but the rich wine colour is always a hit for me, especially in the winter. I think this will be great for a summer evening, with leather leggings and heels, or with a cardigan and jeans in the winter!

I've been through so many other sales and these are still the only purchases I will be making come payday. I've seen some other lovely pieces but I know that after a couple of wears i'll be bored of them! So this is it, my sale favourites! 

Let me know if you see any amazing sales, or products you've found!
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Ciao bella, 
Tash x

My Summer Sale favourites!!

by on June 24, 2013
Now, is it only me that thinks the sales have been a bit rubbish this year? Like, not quite up to standard with the last few summer sales ...
So i've only just found out that google friend connect is leaving, which means all my lovely followers are going to disappear! So please can you all follow me on BlogLovin, i'll put a link down below which allows you to import ALL the blogs you are following into BlogLovin so you don't have to miss out!

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Ciao Bella

Tash x

Google friend connect is leaving!

by on June 19, 2013
So i've only just found out that google friend connect is leaving, which means all my lovely followers are going to disappear! So please...

This post is predominantly about the summer make up and accessories that I am lusting over this month, but also a little insight into my skin tone (super pale, with freckles I might add) and how to overcome the hang ups associated with it!

So that being said, i'll start off with a few make up trends I'm lusting over this season:

1. Bright lips! No one can go wrong with a bright lip. It suits every skin tone, every age, and every outfit! (That's what's most important, right?!) My favourite is a bright red or pink as I think that this suits almost every single outfit a person wears. I've just realised as i'm writing this I accessorise my make up with my outfit...something about that doesn't quite sound right! Anyways:
  1. Red - suits everyone. An orange undertone will suit women with a yellow undertone to their skin, it will warm it up and give that beautiful summer glow, whereas a pink undertone skin will much better suit a pink undertone lipstick. It will give that beautiful porcelain, snow white effect. 
  2. Pink - Everyone loves a pink lip, and a pink lip can and will suit everyone, purely and simply because we already have pink lips, we just want to emphasise that! My favourite for summer is a lovely purple shade of pink. 
  3. Pastel - Now for the daring of us out there, jump on the bandwagon full speed and grab yourself a pastel purple or blue or something wacky, with the festival season coming up i'm sure this trend will be sky rocketing!
Try these perfect stay lip tints by Astor available on Xtras online! Only £1.99 each and perfect to create the "POP lip"

2. My second favourite beauty trend is the complete opposite. Nude. Everything nude. Except maybe nude sunbathing, that appears to be frowned upon...not that i've ever done it! When I say nude I mean this; imagine being Cameron Diaz as she's surfing in all the exotic countries she seems to be snapped in, or imagine being Gisele Bundchen on the beach...basically what I'm trying to get at, is keep is simple, keep it glowing and keep it as natural looking as possible! My key to the perfect natural look? Keep reading:

  1. A dewy foundation - pick a foundation that sets of your natural assets, we don't want that super full mattyfied effect, we want a natural glow, and we want those freckles to poke through.
  2. Bronzer - don't go bronzer mad, we're not going for the TOWIE look, we want the natural bronze you get when you go on holiday! Apply to the cheekbones, temples and around the hair line to get a beautifully chiseled, yet natural looking glow.
  3. Highlighter - highlighter is a girls best friend! Apply dotted around the cheekbone and eye and along the cupids bow of your lip for a fresh look, don't overdo it though, we don't want greasy!
  4. Mascara - last but not least, mascara is a girls best friend! Just make sure you opt for a waterproof style, we all know what the British weather is like!!
This Sally Hansen Sun Glow Powder Bronzer from Xtras online is perfect for the bronzed glow, at only £3.99 it's a huge bargain! 

This Maybelline Dream Airfoam Foundation is perfect to give a natural look, it gives an airbrushed yet soft glow, and it's only £4.45 from Xtras online !

Check out Xtras for some super cheap yet good quality make up, and get your summer make up for less! Who doesn't want to buy a foundation for a fiver? £15 cheaper than my normal foundation, can't go wrong really! 

Now as promised I said I would write about the fix for pale skin, so here we go; there is no fix, embrace it and you will learn to love it!! Find coloured lipsticks such as the ones mentioned above to make your features really stand out, add a pink blusher to give you a nice flush! I've learnt to embrace pale skin since no matter what I just don't tan. Show it off because let's face it, every make up trend suits a pale skinned beauty like yourself! You can be the most daring of the lot and look stunning and fresh faced at the same time! Learn to love what you were given!

So there you have it, my favourite beauty trends, and the fix for pale skin!!

Ciao Bella!
Tash x