Recently, a brand called Choies, you can check them out here, sent me this jacket, and I was a bit unsure at first about what the quality would be like and whether I would actually like it on me, as I'm a bit funny with shapes. I honestly believe that everything is out to get me, and trying to make me look completely out of proportion, but I can honestly say that this fit me perfectly and is so comfy and warm. Perfect for Winter when you're just not feeling a massive coat!!

I love the leather sleeves, and the contrast between fabric and texture, and I think that it makes a nice change from a standard leather jacket.

I will also say though that I am a size 8-10 and the size small fits me perfectly, however if I was any bigger at all, this would not have fit in the arms, as the arms are quite small.

The jacket is $75.99 and you can purchase this here, the top is a basic cami from Topshop and the jeans are joni jeans from Topshop, they can both be found here and here, and the boots are by daisy street and can be found here.

That's all for now!
Ciao Bella

THE Jacket.

by on September 28, 2013
Recently, a brand called Choies, you can check them out  here , sent me this jacket, and I was a bit unsure at first about what the quality...
When I first bought the Porefessional primer, I fell in love, and I realised that nothing would ever compare as I have bought so many primers and nothing has worked as well. I did however run out, and thought I would just buy a cheaper alternative until I got paid. This is where the Seventeen, Photo Flawless Primer came in.

With it's silicone base, much like the Benefit version I thought i'd give it a go.

This is what the Seventeen version looks like. You can tell that I've had it a little while, a little while being a month, and the writing is already wearing away on the front.
The image on the left is Benefit Porefessional, and the image on the right is Seventeen photo flawless primer. You can see from these photos that the porefessional appears smoother, and I also rubbed some into my hand on both images and the Porefessional already seems to work better even just on my hand.

All I really want from a primer, is minimized pores, smooth skin, and something that my make up would sit well on top of.
I chose this one and I was impressed, it really is a very very good primer. I do prefer the Benefit Porefessional though, and I am still using this one most days, but this Seventeen is a good alternative for when I run out. So here are my pros and cons:

Benefit Porefessional:
Pros - Flawless finish when make up is applied after,
          Ultra soft skin
          Pores are minimised,
          Super cute packaging,
          More product than Seventeen.

Cons - Price tag (I don't mind spending much on a primer that I know is going to work well but I can't afford it all the time)

Seventeen Photo Flawless Primer:

Pros - It does fill in pores

Cons - Skin can feel a little gritty after using, and if you use it over moisturiser it will flake a little
           packaging - I know this isn't a major big deal, but when you see the packaging of Benefits                      version, you would much rather have the Benefit version in your make up drawer.

What would you prefer? Price, or Quality? and does packaging make a difference to you?
Ciao Bella,

I am aware that there are numerous reviews on this product, it seems to be a holy grail product in the bloggersphere, and although i'm late on jumping on the bandwagon, I wanted to try it anyway, as I'm still searching for that perfect foundation. I mean I love my MAC, but recently I've had problems with it oxidising, so I thought i'd give myself a break and try something new, introducing, NARS Sheer Glow!
With a hefty price tag of £30.50, I was a little bit reluctant to try this as I just didn't want to part with that amount of cash, but i'm glad I did.
This foundation really does the job and looks flawless on first application. I would say that it is definitely a medium coverage as I find the coverage as good as my MAC Studio Fix, however it is buildable into a full coverage if you so wish.

Let me also say that my skin type is normal-combination-oily, if there ever was just a thing. I find my T-Zone get's oily throughout the day (mainly my chin and around the edges of my nose) and the rest of the time it is pretty normal, but this changes on a daily basis for me, I tend to change skin types every day! This foundation however adapts to this perfectly, I would say it isn't good for VERY oily skin as I found that it does seem to slip of my face a bit, even after using a primer.

Like I said, it does slip off my face a fair bit and seems to join in all the cracks in my skin after a few hours, which I guess is expected as I work in a hot environment, however as it is such a nice lightweight texture, I can just buff this in again and it will be absolutely fine.

I do find that it doesn't work well with a powder, but maybe that's just the powder i'm using, i'm not sure.
It does give my skin an extremely flawless finish though, and I think as soon as I get a setting spray it will be absolutely perfect!!

Any ideas of a good (non expensive) setting spray?! I'd love to know!

The colour I use is Mont Blanc, and I am between an NC15 and NW15 in MAC. 

That's all for now, I'd love to know of any good setting sprays you have used, and also any other holy grail foundations!!

Ciao Bella

NARS Sheer Glow review

by on September 08, 2013
I am aware that there are numerous reviews on this product, it seems to be a holy grail product in the bloggersphere, and although i'm l...
This whole outfit is Primark, and is quite frankly one of my favourite outfits for AW13. You've probably all seen the big fluffy jumpers floating around in the likes of Topshop and Asos at the moment, but Primark have just brought out their version into the store near me and I can tell you now, this is the comfiest and softest fluffy jumper I have tried on. I'm just a little worried about washing it, as I don't want it to come out the wash and all the fluff will have disappeared!! I'm thinking this could be a possible first day of Uni outfit:

The jumper was £10, Leggings were £7, Necklace was £4 and the boots were £20.
Not bad for a whole outfit if you ask me!! The leggings are also beautiful and the print is not clearly shown here so here it is close up:

The jumper also came in various colours. If I remember rightly I saw black, pink and blue.
I chose the cream because of how beautiful it looks with the leggings and whole outfit, and I also bought a black fluffy cardigan the other day (outfit post coming soon)
When I bought this I thought that it may be hard to style and considered maybe doing a way to wear post, so if you would like a "way to style fluffy jumpers" post, let me know in the comments and i'll be sure to do one.
That's all for now! 
Ciao Bella


A whole Primark outfit.

by on September 06, 2013
This whole outfit is Primark, and is quite frankly one of my favourite outfits for AW13. You've probably all seen the big fluffy jumper...
Recently I've been tagged in this post by a few different people so I thought I may as well give it a go! I've never really done a tag before so why not!
Would you rather lose all your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks and lipglosses, or all your eyeshadows and palettes?

Definitely eyeshadows and palettes, I use them a lot but no where near as much as the other stuff!!

Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
Never be able to cut it again!
I want my hair to grow as it is!!

Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
Pink.  Definitely pink. Pink just looks better on me than peach!

If you had £1000 to spend, Would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
I wish I could split it! But clothes, because I’m starting Uni soon and need some new clothes!

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
Eyeliner as lipstick!!! Think of all the colours you can buy, plus I guess it’s just like a lipliner in a sense!

Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?
MAC, we don’t have Sephora here.

Would you rather only use one eyeshadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?
Hmmmm, one eyeshadow colour as I don’t wear eyeshadow as often as lipstick!

Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
Winter in summer, it’s rarely hot here and I like layers in the winter anyways, so I’d just take layers off in the summer!

Would you rather dark nails or bright nails all year round?
I wear a lot of dark colours so that would be fine for me!

Rather give up your favourite lip product or your favourite eye product?
Favourite lip as I find decent lipsticks easy to get hold of, but decent eye products are hard to come across.

Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?
Messy bun all the way, I don’t really wear ponytails.

Would your rather never being able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?
Never use lipgloss. I hardly use it as it is!

Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all? or sharpie them in everyday?
 Oooosh hard, I would NEVER sharpie my eyebrows so I guess have none, and never leave the house.

Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
Nail polish. I don’t actually wear it that often. I’m too impatient.
I tag you all to do this!! :) Ciao Bella
Tash x

Tag: Would you rather?

by on September 06, 2013
Recently I've been tagged in this post by a few different people so I thought I may as well give it a go! I've never really done a t...