Sarah Hankinson is one of my favourite fashion illustrators of all time, her work is a contrast between simplicity and pops of colour, bringing out the most important details of the image.

Sarah is based in Australia and studied illustration and graduated in 2004, and since then has worked for brands and companies such as Impulse body spray, Target and Yen magazine. As she says, her work 'captures the pulse of modern style with her classic illustrations, which pair soft splashes of colours and meticulous line work to portray surface and depth, control and impulse, form and silhouette. Her work balances light and dark to create elegant and provocative illustrations drawn with a harmonious combination of traditional and mixed media techniques.'

My favourite aspect of her work is the simplicity, and the very sharp and precise line work. I love how so much can be put across by such a simplistic drawing with only a hint of colour. 

About Sarah:

Hankinson originally started within graphic design but then moved onto illustration where she really captured her love for drawing, painting and fashion and first started drawing when she was very young. Her work is mainly drawing, layered pencil with a hint of colour, and she loves to capture an essence of beauty within her work. She says that she tries 'to make each piece a balance of light and dark, thick and thin lines, empty and full space.' 

Her main love from fashion actually came from her mother. Her mother was a dressmaker and so growing up around fabric and clothes, fashion almost came as a second nature to her. Hankinsons inspiration comes beautiful photography, blogs, fabrics, colour combinations, and different cultures amongst many other things.

Her process:

'I use a dangerously sharp 2b greylead pencil to draw the model on a soft watercolour paper and then I bring in a coloured medium to add interest to the piece. After scanning the image I play around with the curves and layers in photopshop to adjust the contrast.'

Sarah's work to me captures the essence of beauty, femininity and art within fashion. It brings our attention to specific details and helps us to understand the mood of a piece. If you want to check out her work further you can do so here, or here, and you can also purchase prints of her work here

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Today I am doing a post a little bit different to normal, I am going to talk about an artist that I see as an inspiration in fashion illustration, and illustration in general.

I first noticed Carne Griffiths when I started studying fashion illustration as part of my course, and got instantly attracted by his individual and original style. I haven't really seen much like this before, which is what originally attracted me to his work, I then found myself trying to work out how he created this images, which led me onto a completely different aspect to why I love his work.

 These images are from Carnes website, you can check it out here.

Carne uses a variety of mediums throughout his illustrations, mainly including many different liquids. Some of these include ink, tea and Alcohol (normally vodka or Brandy.) Have you ever heard of artwork being created from tea and alcohol?! This is completely new to me! 

Carne also is interested by the way lines can be manipulated, which is clearly visible in his work. It is almost impossible to copy due to the way that each and every line, and every aspect of colour is different and depends on the mood he is trying to create. It appears as though a lot is made up of geometric shapes, and colour appears to shape the images in a way that I've never seen before.

As it says on his website:

"Images explore human, geometric and floral forms, in a combination of both literal and abstract translation and in response to images and situations encountered in daily life. Images are recorded in a dreamlike sense onto the page where physical boundaries are unimportant. His work creates a journey of escapism which focuses on scenes of awe and wonder, projecting a sense of abandonment and inviting the viewer to share and explore this inner realm."

Carne now sells his work independently, after previously working for many companies and employers, including film, theatre and fashion. He also does charity work, selling prints at auction to raise money for certain charities. 

Unlike most artists, he also gives ALL customers the opportunity to buy his work, through postcards that he creates, and also prints. Ranging from as cheap as £6 through to work in the hundreds.

I strongly recommend checking out his work, and if you would like to buy and of the postcards and prints, you can do so through his shop, here, or also through his Etsy shop here.

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So a few of you might be wondering where I went and why I haven't done a blog post in so long. It's because I started Uni at the end of September, (studying fashion if you wanted to know) and I have just been so busy! Working is also quite hard when you're a full time student, some might say it's easy, but when you do Uni 5 days a week and work 3 days a week, with homework on top and trying to have a social life, it can get pretty overwhelming! But i've got on top of my coursework and now i'm back, I promise!!

So let's get on with the review:

Now you may have seen my Nars Sheer Glow review, (if you haven't you can see it here.) I do still think that Nars Sheer Glow is good, but it is definitely no where near as good as this foundation, and considering the price difference, I will not be buying Nars Sheer Glow again unless I run out and want to use it for a night out!! Here's why;

The Bourjois healthy mix, let's call it BHM for short, is lightweight and does not clog pores, it is also brilliant at giving a flawless finish, a lot like the sheer glow in the sense that it has a nice glow as opposed to being matte, but doesn't make your skin oily.

Sorry for the terrible lighting, the lighting in my new house is terrible!

So I'm going to rate this out of 10 on all the common questions asked about foundation:

- Coverage - 6/10, not bad, but not heavy, light to medium I would say. It covers enough but you can still see my dark freckles through.
- Texture - 10/10, this feels so lightweight and almost feels like water to apply!
- Smell - 7/10, I like the smell, it smells very fresh, but it definitely DOES HAVE a smell and I know some people don't like that.
- Price, £10 isn't bad at all! 9/10!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I also have a new blog for Uni as well as this one, follow me here, this will include all my work, fashion illustrations, art work etc! I will be following all followers back! I also have a new twitter for Uni too, follow me here, I will, again, follow all back!!

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