I thought I would just do a quick post today to show you all what I received in my beauty box from latest in beauty this month. I purchased the Glamour beauty edit box for £14.95 I believe, and received a range of products that are simply brilliant!!

Here's what was included in the box:

This hd brows kit....I was actually in shock that this full size product was in the box! I would have preferred the other colour palette though!

I have used this Toni and Guy glamour hairspray before and it lasts AGES and it is brilliant, so I was super happy this was in the box, as it's handbag sized so perfect to take to uni, and this dry shampoo is good too and smells pretty nice, but I still prefer batiste! This doesn't make your hair as white as batiste though which is ideal for us dark haired ladies!

These eyelash curlers are so pretty, I love the Navy velvet handles!

A sample size of they're real mascara by Benefit is always good!!

Now surprisingly, this face oil by Balance Me, I thought was going to be my least favourite item in the box as I instantly thought ugh, my skin gets so oily already!! But I decided to try it out anyway to let you all know how it was, and honestly, it's my favourite item in the box!!!
It really is amazing, and I am so shocked! You basically apply it with the rollerball all over your skin after or instead of moisturiser. Now, I use this at night before bed, as it does make your skin look very shiny when you apply it, but this only lasts about an hour, then the oil soaks in while you sleep and you wake up with the most beautiful moisturised skin, this is a WIN for winter, I can't get enough of it!!!

And I also received the Maybelline baby lips, again, LOVE for winter! I've never had a lip balm that lasts so long!!!

I also have the birch box for this month, so I will update you all when i've taken some lovely photos for you all.

That's all for now,

Ciao Bella,


Today is a good day. A very good day in fact. Me and my boyfriend were just looking round TK Maxx when he noticed a stunning Ralph Lauren shirt for himself, I then proceeded to moan about how I can never find anything decent in TK Maxx. I was wrong of course. I guess it's normally because the good things always get snapped up straight away, that and I clearly don't look properly!

I found this absolutely beautiful Ralph Lauren Riding Jacket style blazer. I didn't even look at the price, I just tried it on, and it was one of them moments where you find yourself in pure comfort, and you just don't want to take it off. Until I looked at the price, £100.....I just don't even have that kind of money to spend on a jacket!!!! But I just couldn't let go......I thought about all the reasons why I should get it, and ended up persuading myself. It's bad. I know, but what if I told you it was reduced from £620? Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyways, after faffing around for ages, my boyfriend decided to go halfs with me for an early christmas present, and the next thing I knew, it was mine!!!

The photos aren't the best because the lighting in my house it just shocking, but i'm so in love with this jacket!!! It is custom tailored and honestly, fits me like nothing ever has before. I think if you love something that much, you have to have it...right?

I've also put a lot of things on my Ebay, they all have 4 days left and most start at 99p, so grab a bargain here
That's all for now, let me know if you've ever found a bargain like this!!!
Ciao bella

So it's not new news to most of you that Isabel Marant is releasing a collection for H&M which comes to stores this week. For the most part I think the collection is beautiful, but it's not all personally things i'd wear. Some of it to me looks a little bit too old for me personally, don't get me wrong, they're all lovely items, but some things looked a bit work wear esque!

Here i've compiled a few images on my favourite items from the collection:

The jackets/coats are stunning, and this jumper looks so cosy and warm for the winter, and don't even get me started on the red leather trousers, they are one of my favourite items from the collection!
Personally, if I had to pick my two favourite, I would pick the bottom two, as they are just so classy and would go with everything!!

What do you guys think? Do you like the collaboration? What pieces do you like best?

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That's all for now!
Ciao Bella,
Tash x

Today I am doing a post on What I am wearing to Amsterdam Fashion Week as I was kindly invited to enter by the lovely team at Fashion Chick. If you don't know what Fashion Chick is, it is a fashion and style website, including blog posts, trend updates, style inspiration, and the best of it is you can shop through the website. Now I know you're probably thinking 'eh, shop? so what you can do that anywhere?' 
But no, not like this. Through Fashion Chick you can say what you want, and it will show you everything it possibly has on its site from all different shopping websites, making it easy to compare prices, items, whatever you want!!

So anyways, back to the post. Here are my ideas on what I am wearing to Amsterdam Fashion Week, this is of course, providing I don't think of anything better nearer the time (unlikely).

I've never been to Amsterdam, and providing all the rumours are true, January over there is COLD. So of course I don't want to be bounding around in a teeny tiny skirt barely able to walk, think of practicality as well as fashion people!! So first off I paired this Drop dead gorgeous jumpsuit from Topshop with a pair of stunning black and gold heels, and a black cossack hat, whoever said navy and black don't go? Obviously not me. A simple black skinny belt and gold statement necklace to finish this look off!

Second I paired a tight leather jacket with a lovely fur gilet over the top, the same shoes as previous, a pair of skinny tapered high waisted trousers, and of course, a fedora hat.

If you want to get this look, but don't want these exact items, get over to Fashion Chick and type in what you want, and it will give you hundreds of choices!! 

That's all for now,
Ciao Bella!
Tash x

If you want to enter this competition yourself do so here!! Good luck! :)

Today I thought I would just do a small post to show you what I have been getting up to lately, here are some of my own fashion illustrations for you to feast your beady eyes on, any feedback is of course appreciated.


Ciao Bella,

My own fashion illustrations!

by on November 01, 2013
Today I thought I would just do a small post to show you what I have been getting up to lately, here are some of my own fashion illustration...