Recently I was contacted and asked if I would like to be part of a Blogger competition ran my the brand Quiz, with the chance to win £150 to spend on the site, and with 3 runners up also winning a dress of their choice from the Quiz collection. So of course, naturally I said yes!

The aim of the competition is to create the perfect Quizmas party for the Christmas and New Year celebrations by answering the following questions, so here we go:

1. The Christmas theme I would have would be…

I would choose the theme to be Christmas in Hollywood. With every guest dressing to the nines in the most gorgeous outfits they can find to represent the most glamorous movie character they can think of!

2. One thing every Christmas party needs is…

Every Christmas party needs Christmas cocktails

3. The Christmas song I’d put on repeat would be…

Brenda Lee - Rockin' around the Christmas tree!

4. The celebrity I would invite would be…

Lady Gaga - I can almost guarantee she'd be a right laugh!

5. I would kiss….under the mistletoe

My lovely boyfriend <3

6. The dress I would wear at the Quizmas party would be…

The Black Bardot Feather neck dress, you can purchase it here. I'd choose this dress because feathers are a huge upcoming trend and because that neckline is so flattering. Plus because its fairly simple it gives me more room to really go for it with the make up and accessories. Here's an example of how I would wear it:

If you would like to enter yourself you can do so here.

Merry Christmas!
Ciao bella

Merry Quizmas!

by on December 17, 2014
Recently I was contacted and asked if I would like to be part of a Blogger competition ran my the brand Quiz , with the chance to win £150 ...
Leutton Postle are a design duo based in the midlands, using knitwear as a way of communicating texture, colour, and pattern. (See my blog post on my professional blog here to find out more information on the team and their designs.)

Recently I was contacted by Kopparberg and informed of their collaboration with the brand, in which a jumper has been created to showcase their new spiced apple cider. The unisex jumper is called "The Kopparberg" and features a deconstructed, traditional scandinavian knit, and is made up of luxurious merino wool and Lurex. The team also used the Kopparberg forest as inspiration for this jumper. Did you know this was a real place? I didn't, and it looks amazing! Check out the video below:

"The jumper gives the wearer a cosy sensation, reflective of sipping on a warm Kopparberg Spiced Apple cider and its colour pops of red are inspired by the appealing shade of the sweet red apples that the cider is made from. Also featuring bursts of yellow and blue, these colours hint to the golden yellow leaves found in the Swedish town of Kopparberg at this time of year and the town’s crystal clear lake."

"Commenting on the collaboration, Leutton Postle said: ‘We designed ‘The Kopparberg’ to have an offbeat yet wearable design and want the owner to feel stylish, individual and, most of all, warm and cosy inside and out!’"

The design is so fun and full of life and will suit every wearer, male or female, young or old and will last you through the cold winter evenings year after year. 

'The Kopparberg' is available now for £150 from London’s most creative boutique, Machine A (13 Brewer St, London, W1F 0RH) or by phoning the store on 020 7734 4334. You can now also buy the jumper on their bigcartel site here

Leutton Postle x Kopparberg

by on November 24, 2014
Leutton Postle are a design duo based in the midlands, using knitwear as a way of communicating texture, colour, and pattern. (See my blog p...

A little while ago I got talking to a lovely girl called Molly on Depop, as we both made clothes at the time we got chatting and she bought a few things of mine, and has now started making lingerie at Urban Bird Intimates, so of course I had a little peek and ended up buying the most gorgeous bra I ever did see.

This bra (above) is the one that I bought and the photo below is the newer version of the harness bra. Check out her instagram here.
I can honestly say that it is the most gorgeous piece of lingerie I have ever bought, so pretty and delicate. It is also perfectly made, I can't fault it! I'm  keeping my eyes peeled for the newest collection being released soon, keep an eye on her instagram for the release!

That's all for now!
Ciao bella 
Check out the new black top with white pleated peplum now available at Tashface Handmade! Isn't it cute?

There's loads of new stuff on Tashface Handmade, check it out!
Suki Waterhouse, best known for her career as a model and actress, has collaborated with top footwear brand Superga to create a new flatform collection for Autumn Winter 2014. The collection features three styles designed by Suki Waterhouse, as well as a variety of other styles true to the brand. Suki's designs are feminine and playful and inspired by her time in Paris. The 60's style photoshoot featuring Suki herself launches the campaign, check out the video at the bottom of this post!

The collection will suit the majority of people with colours ranging from pastel shades to bolder colours, and a variety of styles to suit even the most picky of us all. 

For me, it's all about the effortlessness in the collection. Chuck them on with your casual leggings and t-shirt to walk down to the shop, or wear them with a tea dress for an evening out! Whatever your style, these shoes are sure to see you through the winter, and will carry straight through to Spring Summer.

I'm in love with the baby blue flatforms and the white pumps and the burgundy colour is perfect for Autumn, Winter. What do you think of the collection? 

That's all for now,
Ciao bella!

As you may have seen from my last post, I am in love with this long coat trend at the moment, so you can probably understand why I bought another one! This time I went for a sleeveless trench from good old Missguided, in black of course. I did want the cream originally, but it was sold out, however when I received the black I fell in love! 

I have also started to make these new faux suede split back tops in baby pink and will also be making new colours very soon! You can email me (link in sidebar) Contact me on depop: nhutchins1 or message me on facebook: to order one of these!

Jeans: Warehouse, Boots: Primark

What do you think about the sleeveless look?

Ciao bella

This new phase of the "long coat" whether it be a duster coat, trench coat, or even a kimono excites me. I love the way a lovely long coat can completely transform a basic outfit into something a little bit more special and also how it can streamline your figure. This one I picked up from is perfect. I normally can't wear muted colours like this because of how pale I am, however this one has just enough pink in it for me, without looking like good old friendly Casper!

Nevaeh Trench Coat (also comes in cream and black) Shoes and bag - Primark, High waisted Jeggings - Asos Crop top - Topshop

The best part about this coat, is how lightweight it is, so it's perfect for the weather we are having!

 What do you think, have you jumped on the "long coat" bandwagon?

Ciao Bella

This month I signed up to "My little box" for £11 + £.3.95 P+P per month, and also re subscribed to Glossybox (This months review coming soon). I had never heard of My little box before but it looked interesting and so I thought I'd give it a go. This one isn't your generic beauty box, they love to throw a good bit of lifestyle in there and they also theme every months box, therefore when I saw this months theme was Paris I jumped at the chance to get one!!

In this box I received a laptop case, true to their style and design featuring another really sweet illustration, unfortunately this doesn't fit my laptop, but it was still a really nice idea, i've never seen that in a "beauty box" before.

In the lifestyle section I also recieved some really sweet stickers and a notebook. Now, onto the actual beauty products:

The beauty products came in this lovely little bag, this will be prefect to put all my hair bits and bobs in. I think its a good idea when beauty boxes use things like this to store the products rather than just putting them in the box. It gives you a little something extra to use, as well as the box itself, for storage!

I was really happy with the beauty products I recieved here. The first was a 30ml Laura Mercier foundation primer. I've had a chance to use this and I can honestly say it's a lovely primer and really does make my make up look flawless. The full size is 50ml and is £29, so a 30ml sample is a pretty good size considering the price of the box!

The second Item I recieved was a Nuxe multi purpose dry oil for face, body and hair. The bottle is glass and has a gold lid making it look very premium, and I would say it is a luxury product considering the price. The sample is only 10ml however the full size at 50ml is £28. Ihaven't had chance to try this yet however as it's only a teeny tiny sample i'm hoping I won't have to use much of it!

The last item I recieved is the "give me the light" complexion brightening pen by My little box themselves. I've noticed they do this in every box, and at first I was a little worried that it wouldn't be very good, as beauty box's own brand items aren't normally that great, but from what i've used of it, it is actually good and something I will actually use!!

So Bravo My little box, you've done well this time, and I will stay subscribed and find out what I get in the next box, have any of you tried this box?

That's all for now, ciao bella

My littlebox: The Paris edition.

by on September 15, 2014
This month I signed up to " My little box " for £11 + £.3.95 P+P per month, and also re subscribed to Glossybox (This months rev...
With the summer nights starting to come to a close, all the students beginning to make their way back to the cities, and London Fashion Week just around the corner, I've found myself scouring the internet for the best of the best ankle boots for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. I love a good ankle boot and was surprised to hear of a store called "spy love buy" that sell some fab footwear at even better prices, just what my bank balance needs after this summer! Here are my top 3 picks:

1. The "bodacious" shoe, you can buy these here for only £32.95. These look like the perfect everyday heeled boot and I can see them looking great paired with tights and cute skirts for winter.

2. The city shoes. You can buy these here for only £24.95. I LOVE these, they work with everything and take you right through the seasons. They are also a complete dupe of the Topshop version but at half the price!

3. Last of all are the "Exquisite" boots. You can buy these here for only £26.95!!! These are my favourite of the 3. They are so classy but still edgy with the peep toe as well as the cut out back. These will look amazing with some leather leggings on a night out or some ripped jeans in the day!!

What do you think?
Ciao bella

The boot list

by on September 11, 2014
With the summer nights starting to come to a close, all the students beginning to make their way back to the cities, and London Fashion Week...
So I moved into my new student house on Monday, with a couple of guys i've lived with before and a new girl that is absolutely lovely. I was a little worried about this new house as the previous house was such a mess and had so many problems it was impossible to deal with, but i've now moved in and this house is perfect. I've got my little sewing corner all set up and both wardobes are now full (whoopsies). This didn't, however, stop me from buying even more clothes! Of course being a student and waiting for my next batch of student loan means sale shopping is where it's at!

First of all, check out my Primark bedding! Isn't it cute?
These two pieces were from Stradivarius, now i've never shopped here before but I heard it was the same company as Zara, so therefore figured that it must be good quality, and I can tell you now I love both of these two items I bought! The blue boyfriend blazer was in the sale for only £13, and the top you can get here for only £15.99! I admit, this wasn't in the sale but I love it nonetheless and I'm going to also purchase it in burgundy! (I don't think it's acceptable to buy the black as well, three of the same top is borderline addictive right?)

I also bought a few other bits from the H&M sale which is also a really great sale! Check it out here. I'll upload some photos of these bits when i've thought about how i'm going to style them. For now here's a photo of me "doing uni work".

That's all for now!
Ciao bella

For real this time. I've been having some issues with being able to post to my blog recently, I'm sure that you will have seen my last post about how I have been making and selling co ords, and bralets etc lately and to be completely honest, it's got a lot bigger than I expected and I have been unbelievably busy! I've also just left my job at Topshop and will now be working for Phase Eight in House of Fraser on a smaller hour contract to help me concentrate on Uni once I go back!

So I thought I'd say a little "hello, i'm back" speech and then show you a few things I've bought recently, so here they are:

I rinsed  the Zara sale but unfortunately had to send a few things back, but I did keep these 2:

This salmon/coral coloured blazer/jacket is stunning, and is so much more beautiful in real life, infact, I was going to buy this full price so imagine my excitement when I saw it was in the sale for only £30!!! You can buy this here.

I also bought these lush snakeskin print leggings, mainly because I'm in love with anything black an white, and this outfit is just perfect, but also because these will be such a great winter staple when summer fades. I mean, I am in the UK after all, Summer never lasts too long!
You can buy these here for only £17.99!!

I also bought this BEAUTIFUL Ralph Lauren bag and I don't regret a penny of it! The inside is beautifully lined with the classic RL cream lining and it has so much space and loads of pockets, great for me because of all the rubbish I seem to carry around! 

Well, that's all for now, it's my birthday soon so i'll be back with some new purchases soon as well as some other posts I have planned.

Ciao bella,

I'm back! and recent buys:

by on July 07, 2014
For real this time. I've been having some issues with being able to post to my blog recently, I'm sure that you will have seen my la...

Recently I started working on a small project, making co ord sets, triangle bralet crop tops in the style of Alexander Wang, and halter crop tops. From studying a fashion degree I thought that this would be a great way for me to continue sewing and working on my pattern cutting skills.

I downloaded "Depop", the app that lets you sell to people all over the world. I am so surprised with the reaction that I have had. I never expected it to get this popular! In the past few weeks alone I have made over 20 custom orders, and have another 20ish more orders!

Here's some examples of my work:

and heres an example of a very happy customer looking totally killer in the two tops I made her!!

If you want to check out what I make and for other styles and patterns check out my depop! username: nhutchins1
Or for any questions regarding my custom made clothes feel free to email me at the email address displayed in my sidebar! Hope you like them! 

That's all for now!
Ciao Bella


On Friday, just before the bank holiday weekend I had a cheeky look on the Missguided website and "accidently" purchased a couple of items, I lied, it was no accident. I bought the Vanessa lilac coat and the asymetric dogtooth skirt, both in a size 8 and I can tell you now, I am extremely happy. They fit like a glove and are of such good quality, especially considering the price! This coat is perfect for the weather at the moment, not too thick so you're not sweltering in the heat, but also not too thin so when that wind catches you, you don't freeze to death!

The amount of compliments I got on this coat was crazy!! Heres how I wore them:

Coat - Missguided Vanessa coat in lilac, Skirt - Missguided asymetric dogtooth skirt, Jumper - Primark old, you can get a similar one here, Shoes - Newlook old, Bag - SOUTH.

These photos were taken when I went to Totnes for my Uni project in fashion media and marketing, that place is so quirky! Have you ever been?!

Ciao Bella!

OOTD featuring Missguided

by on April 26, 2014
On Friday, just before the bank holiday weekend I had a cheeky look on the Missguided website and "accidently" purchased a coupl...
This has been a bit of a depressing month, no money really does knock you sometimes, especially when you keep seeing all the beautiful spring clothes starting to come into stores! I mean i'm a bit of a black and white kinda person, but i'm determined to get more colour into my wardrobe. Starting with pastels:

1. Missguided Co Ord here, 2. Topshop white crop top here, 3. Topshop pink croc cami, here, 4. Missguided mint green skort here.

I can't wait for it to really heat up so I can start wearing things like this, but for now, i've just purchased this stunning coat from missguided, it's perfect for adding colour to your wardrobe and also for keeping you warm when the weather tricks you into thinking it's a scorcher, when really it's pretty cold!

This is just so beautiful and it's only £34.99!!!! You can grab yourself one here. I can't wait for it to turn up! Missguided really do have some beautiful things in at the minute, my wishlist is already stocking up ready for payday!!!

Have you seen anything like this worth investing in lately?

That's all for now!
Ciao bella


by on April 19, 2014
This has been a bit of a depressing month, no money really does knock you sometimes, especially when you keep seeing all the beautiful sprin...
Just a quick post today, but I thought that I would show you some of my fashion illustrations using ink, watercolour, white chalk and white paint.

This was a completely new style for me. I'm so used to perfectionism and trying to create clean lines and shapes that I never thought I could create abstract, "messy" illustrations. I say "messy" very loosely, as I am extremely happy with the way they turned out and although this style never appealed to me before, I now love it and will continue to use it. Of course I will still continue to illustrate in the other styles that I enjoy as well, but this has added to my every growing list of techniques!

My favourites are the top 3, ink was used here along with the other materials, however on the bottom few watercolour was the main material. I think it's clear that ink works a lot better. I've now bought myself some to have another go!

That's all for now!
Ciao bella
This post is a style post for the House of Fraser Inspired by Mum competition for Mothers day.
This is such a great competition as I love my mum to bits and she is truly an inspiration to me, therefore although this is a style post based on my mum, it is also a post celebrating her values, how she has inspired me and her generally as a mother!

My mum was always flawless and had the best style when she was younger. She was always on trend but always looked very sophisticated and chic. There are 2 photos I remember of my mum when she first had me and just before. One is of my mum with her beautiful brunette perm, looking totally 90s in her baggy white t shirt and jeans similar to those of the mom jeans we see around so much now, and the other was her wearing a red lace bralet underneath a white 2 piece suit, a blazer and trousers.

The main thing I will always remember her saying to me is that she wanted to be a buyer when she was younger, and for some reason that has stuck with me ever since and I'm now studying a BA Hons in fashion with the hopes of working in the fashion industry, with becoming a buyer constantly on my mind along with a few other job titles.

Anyways on to the look!

I chose this outfit because my mum loves this style skirt, as our family was blessed with the big bum syndrome these shape skirts are extremely flattering, I therefore wanted to keep this part true to my mums taste!

Now, my mum wouldn't be seen dead in a crop top, but due to her true 90s style from when she was younger, I decided to pair a crop with this skirt to make it look more modern.

Skirt - Topshop, Crop top - Topshop, Necklace - Primark, Watch - Larson and Jennings, Shoes - Primark

 With the weather picking up, to complete this look I'd pick a beautiful pair of oversized sunglasses, such as these ones here from House of Fraser. Effortlessly chic, and well, my mum would agree!

So, how does your mum inspire you?

If you want to enter the competition yourself you can find the entry post here.

Ciao Bella!
Wishing all your mums a lovely mothers day!

Inspired by Mum - House Of Fraser

by on March 12, 2014
This post is a style post for the House of Fraser Inspired by Mum competition for Mothers day. This is such a great competition as I love m...