So todays post is a bit of a different post to normal. I've been looking into sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry, and of course i've seen the media storm circling angora fur, where it comes from and how it's made, and quite honestly, I think it's disgusting. (Like most people I hope).

So here's the breakdown for those of you that don't know about the infamous angora video:

  • A secret video was made by animal rights group PETA which went viral almost as soon as it was put up, stating that 90% of the angora fibre comes from China. 
  • They also showed how the fur was removed from the angora rabbits (it was ripped from them, they screamed in agony, their skin was left red raw, and they were paralysed afterwards from shock and pain, and then kept in cages for 3 months until it all happens again.) 
  • Stores such as H&M, Zara and Primark all sell angora, and I bet you can guess where it comes from!

I'm not going to preach and say that I have never worn angora myself, of course I have. I never really knew what it was, let alone what was happening to the animals in order for me to wear the items. It's things like this that shock me, that we don't know as consumers where our clothing is actually coming from and how it is actually being made.

ANYWAY, i'm not going to continue ranting about angora, what I am going to mention is a company called Ambikas Friendly Furs, owned by designer, Ambika Conroy. You can find her website here.

Her work is not only ethically sourced, but it is all handmade, and in fact she owns her OWN angora rabbits, in which she looks after and cares for herself. She waits for her rabbits to molt and shed naturally before she takes the fibre, which she then spins and uses for her own garments. You can imagine how long this process must take to create one garment, but would you rather have a garment  that is beautifully made, with hours of work and no animals harmed in the making, or would you rather have 20-30 jumpers from Primark in which animals have been tortured for your own greed?

I will personally not buy into anymore angora, unless it has been 100% produced in an ethical manner,
and I honestly think that Ambikas work needs to be seen as it is breathtakingly beautiful.
She also shows her process from start to end which you can view here.

What are your opinions on this? 
That's all for now,
Ciao Bella! 

...for these beauties I found in there the other day. This jumper was reduced to £5, the necklace was £4 and the shoes, now get ready for this...£8!!! I will admit, I've already bought the shoes in black, and I just had to get this nude pink for summer, how cute would they look with some levi denim shorts? That's what I though!

I'll just leave you to stare at these a while.......

Ciao Bella 
Tash x

Today my post is about my competition entry for the Debenhams winter style challenge. We were asked to create 2 moodboards, one being a party look and one being a casual daytime look that will both get you through the winter months, with a budget of £250 each.

Here is my party look: 

Total = £219. That leaves you with £31 to grab yourself a beautiful red lipstick and nail polish from Debenhams beauty section! 

For my party look I have chosen a stunning black Julien Macdonald jumpsuit. Now I know some of you may gasp at the thought of wearing a jumpsuit out, but a jumpsuit can look so effortlessly chic and much more stylish than a lot of dresses, plus, it's going to keep your legs warm, what else could you want?! I have chosen black and gold accessories to go with this outfit to keep it simple, and add a flash of glamour. Now all you need to do is paint your fingers, toes and lips with a flash of red and step out looking effortless and stylish!

and here is my casual winters day outfit:

Total = £188.50

This outfit is my casual winters day outfit, where you want to keep warm but of course look fashionable at the same time. 
No one can be seen without a pink coat this season and next, pink is the new black and pink coats are bang on trend, this one is stunning and being wool is sure to keep you warm. I then chose a pretty jaquard top to keep in with the pretty trend but toughened it up with pu leggings and some western style boots. The leggings will also be sure to keep you warm and on trend but look effortless, which is just what you want in winter. 

I don't know about you but I hate things flapping around in the wind during this season, so if you must add accessories, go for a simple snood. With over £60 money left over from the £250 budget you'll have no problem finding something nice!

That's all for now, please keep your fingers crossed for me!
Ciao Bella x

Grace Kelly is a true style icon. I only ever really noticed when I started watching Alfred Hitchcocks "Rear Window" (1954). Before I watched this I didn't really know much about Grace Kelly, but since I started looking into her and some of her famous outfits, I noticed how much of a style icon she really was. In the original film, Edith Head was the costume designer. Edith and Grace were very good friends so it was  only right that Edith dressed her for this part.

Grace Kellys look in this film was very "New Look" by this of course I don't mean the high street store, but Diors famous "New Look" of exaggerated curves and tiny waistlines. She fully embodies the true glamour and style of the 50's, very elegant and truly feminine. 

This white top has to be one of my favourite of the outfits worn in the film, so classy and sophisticated with a slight sex appeal.

Check out Ediths illustrations for these outfits, they are stunning!

Now on to Vogues beautiful editorials of this film, which just like Grace Kelly, really embody the elegant fashion and beauty of the era. 

And then we have by far, my favourite image of the collection:

This dress, the hair and make up styling, the setting, I just love everything about this.
Maybe i'll base a project on it in the future!

What do you think of Grace Kellys style?
That's all for now,
Ciao bella!
Tash x

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