As you may have seen from my last post, I am in love with this long coat trend at the moment, so you can probably understand why I bought another one! This time I went for a sleeveless trench from good old Missguided, in black of course. I did want the cream originally, but it was sold out, however when I received the black I fell in love! 

I have also started to make these new faux suede split back tops in baby pink and will also be making new colours very soon! You can email me (link in sidebar) Contact me on depop: nhutchins1 or message me on facebook: to order one of these!

Jeans: Warehouse, Boots: Primark

What do you think about the sleeveless look?

Ciao bella

This new phase of the "long coat" whether it be a duster coat, trench coat, or even a kimono excites me. I love the way a lovely long coat can completely transform a basic outfit into something a little bit more special and also how it can streamline your figure. This one I picked up from is perfect. I normally can't wear muted colours like this because of how pale I am, however this one has just enough pink in it for me, without looking like good old friendly Casper!

Nevaeh Trench Coat (also comes in cream and black) Shoes and bag - Primark, High waisted Jeggings - Asos Crop top - Topshop

The best part about this coat, is how lightweight it is, so it's perfect for the weather we are having!

 What do you think, have you jumped on the "long coat" bandwagon?

Ciao Bella

This month I signed up to "My little box" for £11 + £.3.95 P+P per month, and also re subscribed to Glossybox (This months review coming soon). I had never heard of My little box before but it looked interesting and so I thought I'd give it a go. This one isn't your generic beauty box, they love to throw a good bit of lifestyle in there and they also theme every months box, therefore when I saw this months theme was Paris I jumped at the chance to get one!!

In this box I received a laptop case, true to their style and design featuring another really sweet illustration, unfortunately this doesn't fit my laptop, but it was still a really nice idea, i've never seen that in a "beauty box" before.

In the lifestyle section I also recieved some really sweet stickers and a notebook. Now, onto the actual beauty products:

The beauty products came in this lovely little bag, this will be prefect to put all my hair bits and bobs in. I think its a good idea when beauty boxes use things like this to store the products rather than just putting them in the box. It gives you a little something extra to use, as well as the box itself, for storage!

I was really happy with the beauty products I recieved here. The first was a 30ml Laura Mercier foundation primer. I've had a chance to use this and I can honestly say it's a lovely primer and really does make my make up look flawless. The full size is 50ml and is £29, so a 30ml sample is a pretty good size considering the price of the box!

The second Item I recieved was a Nuxe multi purpose dry oil for face, body and hair. The bottle is glass and has a gold lid making it look very premium, and I would say it is a luxury product considering the price. The sample is only 10ml however the full size at 50ml is £28. Ihaven't had chance to try this yet however as it's only a teeny tiny sample i'm hoping I won't have to use much of it!

The last item I recieved is the "give me the light" complexion brightening pen by My little box themselves. I've noticed they do this in every box, and at first I was a little worried that it wouldn't be very good, as beauty box's own brand items aren't normally that great, but from what i've used of it, it is actually good and something I will actually use!!

So Bravo My little box, you've done well this time, and I will stay subscribed and find out what I get in the next box, have any of you tried this box?

That's all for now, ciao bella

My littlebox: The Paris edition.

by on September 15, 2014
This month I signed up to " My little box " for £11 + £.3.95 P+P per month, and also re subscribed to Glossybox (This months rev...
With the summer nights starting to come to a close, all the students beginning to make their way back to the cities, and London Fashion Week just around the corner, I've found myself scouring the internet for the best of the best ankle boots for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. I love a good ankle boot and was surprised to hear of a store called "spy love buy" that sell some fab footwear at even better prices, just what my bank balance needs after this summer! Here are my top 3 picks:

1. The "bodacious" shoe, you can buy these here for only £32.95. These look like the perfect everyday heeled boot and I can see them looking great paired with tights and cute skirts for winter.

2. The city shoes. You can buy these here for only £24.95. I LOVE these, they work with everything and take you right through the seasons. They are also a complete dupe of the Topshop version but at half the price!

3. Last of all are the "Exquisite" boots. You can buy these here for only £26.95!!! These are my favourite of the 3. They are so classy but still edgy with the peep toe as well as the cut out back. These will look amazing with some leather leggings on a night out or some ripped jeans in the day!!

What do you think?
Ciao bella

The boot list

by on September 11, 2014
With the summer nights starting to come to a close, all the students beginning to make their way back to the cities, and London Fashion Week...
So I moved into my new student house on Monday, with a couple of guys i've lived with before and a new girl that is absolutely lovely. I was a little worried about this new house as the previous house was such a mess and had so many problems it was impossible to deal with, but i've now moved in and this house is perfect. I've got my little sewing corner all set up and both wardobes are now full (whoopsies). This didn't, however, stop me from buying even more clothes! Of course being a student and waiting for my next batch of student loan means sale shopping is where it's at!

First of all, check out my Primark bedding! Isn't it cute?
These two pieces were from Stradivarius, now i've never shopped here before but I heard it was the same company as Zara, so therefore figured that it must be good quality, and I can tell you now I love both of these two items I bought! The blue boyfriend blazer was in the sale for only £13, and the top you can get here for only £15.99! I admit, this wasn't in the sale but I love it nonetheless and I'm going to also purchase it in burgundy! (I don't think it's acceptable to buy the black as well, three of the same top is borderline addictive right?)

I also bought a few other bits from the H&M sale which is also a really great sale! Check it out here. I'll upload some photos of these bits when i've thought about how i'm going to style them. For now here's a photo of me "doing uni work".

That's all for now!
Ciao bella