Leutton Postle are a design duo based in the midlands, using knitwear as a way of communicating texture, colour, and pattern. (See my blog post on my professional blog here to find out more information on the team and their designs.)

Recently I was contacted by Kopparberg and informed of their collaboration with the brand, in which a jumper has been created to showcase their new spiced apple cider. The unisex jumper is called "The Kopparberg" and features a deconstructed, traditional scandinavian knit, and is made up of luxurious merino wool and Lurex. The team also used the Kopparberg forest as inspiration for this jumper. Did you know this was a real place? I didn't, and it looks amazing! Check out the video below:

"The jumper gives the wearer a cosy sensation, reflective of sipping on a warm Kopparberg Spiced Apple cider and its colour pops of red are inspired by the appealing shade of the sweet red apples that the cider is made from. Also featuring bursts of yellow and blue, these colours hint to the golden yellow leaves found in the Swedish town of Kopparberg at this time of year and the town’s crystal clear lake."

"Commenting on the collaboration, Leutton Postle said: ‘We designed ‘The Kopparberg’ to have an offbeat yet wearable design and want the owner to feel stylish, individual and, most of all, warm and cosy inside and out!’"

The design is so fun and full of life and will suit every wearer, male or female, young or old and will last you through the cold winter evenings year after year. 

'The Kopparberg' is available now for £150 from London’s most creative boutique, Machine A (13 Brewer St, London, W1F 0RH) or by phoning the store on 020 7734 4334. You can now also buy the jumper on their bigcartel site here

Leutton Postle x Kopparberg

by on November 24, 2014
Leutton Postle are a design duo based in the midlands, using knitwear as a way of communicating texture, colour, and pattern. (See my blog p...

A little while ago I got talking to a lovely girl called Molly on Depop, as we both made clothes at the time we got chatting and she bought a few things of mine, and has now started making lingerie at Urban Bird Intimates, so of course I had a little peek and ended up buying the most gorgeous bra I ever did see.

This bra (above) is the one that I bought and the photo below is the newer version of the harness bra. Check out her instagram here.
I can honestly say that it is the most gorgeous piece of lingerie I have ever bought, so pretty and delicate. It is also perfectly made, I can't fault it! I'm  keeping my eyes peeled for the newest collection being released soon, keep an eye on her instagram for the release!

That's all for now!
Ciao bella 
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