May beauty Incredible face mask, review!

Recently I was asked by the lovely ladies at May Beauty if I would like to try their new 'Incredible face mask' and review it on my blog. The first thing that I would like to say is that this is a completely 100% honest review and I was not coerced in any way into giving a positive review, however I really do love this product and was so excited to share it with you all!

The face mask promised to:

- prevent acne
- removes blackheads and whiteheads
- removes dead skin cells and impurities
- and make your skin clearer, smoother and healthier.
If you want to read more about the product for yourself, check it out here.
So here's what I thought....

The first thing I noticed was the handy little brush it came with, and trust me this was a little lifesaver. The consistency was super thick and jet black and therefore felt very odd, however I brushed a thick amount onto my face and gave it a go anyway. The mixture set after 35-45 minutes into a peel off mask and after peeling it off, I was amazed! 

I can honestly promise you that I have never used a face mask as good as this. I suffer with sensitive skin and I constantly get spots, not acne, and not badly but I always have those pesky few that will just not go away. I've also had problems with dry skin sitting on my nose lately, which would not go, but my nose would still get oily and therefore moisturisers were not helping. After peeling the face mask off, my face was bright red and I thought, 'oh gosh, what have I done' but after about 10 minutes the redness went and my skin had never been so soft and smooth. The next day I woke up and my boyfriend actually said to me 'wow your skins looking good today' and I knew straight away, it was the mask. It's now a few days later after I used it and my spots have completely gone, and all I have it some slight redness where they were!!

The only slight issue I had with the mask was that it set so well, that it was painful to take off. So to remove it without pain, I used a cotton wool pad with some cleanser and rubbed this on the edge of the mask before peeling it off gently. This was then perfectly fine I had no problems. 

I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone! I couldn't get any before and after pictures because I wouldn't say my skin is bad enough to show up on camera, however I will definitely be using this mask again myself!!! The mask also comes with a lovely little book informing you of how to change your diet for acne and skin problems and therefore is definitely worth a read if you suffer with skin problems!

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I'd love to know what you guys think so if you do try it let me know!!! 
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